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Total Recall is a compact, cost-effective and self-contained Voice Logging unit. It provides secure recording, storage and playback of telephone calls (or any audio signal), enabling up to 1200 hours of recordings to be stored on an internal database for instant retrieval and playback.
The purpose of recording is to ensure that an accurate and easily retrievable copy of a call is always available, should the need arise to confirm or verify the contents of a prior discussion.

Available as a 4, 8, 12 or 16-channel unit, Total Recall will record the telephone numbers of incoming* and outgoing calls, and store this information in a database, together with a time/date stamp, the duration of the call and reference to the specific channel number. All these 'fields' can be used to search and retrieve calls from the database. Recordings can also be archived to an internal Archive (CD-R) drive at preset intervals. Should you need to record more than 8 physical connections (telephone/radio), multiple Total Recall units can be installed.

Once a call has been located and retrieved from the Total Recall database, the call can be replayed via an internal or external speaker, or for privacy, via a headphone port. A 'Live Monitoring' function enables the real-time monitoring of calls on selected channels.

'Remote Recall' is a Windows module that enables calls to be replayed on a PC, using the Archive CD-R from the TOTAL RECALL logger. Calls can also be selected from the Archive (CD-R) and transmitted via e-mail for replay on a multimedia PC at a remote location.
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